Beginners’ Guide to Crystals: Part 9 – Complementary & Conflicting Crystals

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At Glace, we love collecting crystals! However, have you ever felt uncomfortable or had a sense of lethargy when placing certain crystals together? Although all crystals can theoretically work together, some crystal collectors may be more sensitive and feel overwhelmed by the energies of different crystal combinations

Do note that there is no definitive list of ideal and non-ideal crystal combinations. This is because their lists are non-exhaustive, and whether or not the combinations are ideal can depend on many factors such as your intentions and sensitivity to energies.  

The general principle is to pair crystals that generally have the same intentions – this is so that their energies are neither overpowering one over the other nor do they cancel out each other. 


Here are some examples of complementary crystals based on similar intentions:


Complementary Crystals for Peaceful Rest and Sleep

Complementary Crystals for Peaceful Rest and Sleep: Amethyst, Amazonite, Blue Lace Agate, Blue Scheelite


Note: Although the crystals above complement one another each of them have their respective healing properties. This means that even without pairing your crystal with other complementary crystals, it would still be able to achieve the intention you have set.  


Depending on the intentions you have set into your crystals, here are some common examples of conflicting crystals:

1. Clear Quartz + Motivational Crystals

Clear Quartz is known for amplifying the powers of other crystals. Moreover, motivational crystals activate and engage users’ nervous systems. The aforementioned would mean that Clear Quartz would overamplify users’ nervous systems, and as such, can cause users to feel more overwhelmed, anxious and less relaxed.
Clear Quartz and Red Jasper
Eg. Clear Quartz & Red Jasper 

2. Motivational, Confidence or Energy Crystals + Calming and Stress-Relief Crystals

When these crystals are paired together, they become incompatible because their energies are attempting to achieve conflicting results. While one crystal raises your energy and confidence, the other clams your energy.
Citrine and Amazonite
Eg. Citrine and Amazonite 

3. Motivational, Confidence or Energy Crystals + Empathic Protection Crystals

If you are an empath, these crystals are conflicted in their desired outcomes. While one aims to bring in revitalising energy into your life, the other grounds and protects you from that same energy. 
Tiger's Eye and Smokey Quartz


If you’ve been collecting conflicting crystals and have experienced disruptions in your energies, you may do the following:

1. Place the Crystals in different locations (based on your intentions)

For example, if you have decided to set motivation as your intention for your Citrine, then it would be best to keep it in an appropriate place such as your study room or office; if peaceful sleep is the intention you have set for your Amazonite, then place it in your bedroom. 
If your study area in is your bedroom, then place your Citrine in your study desk, and Amazonite on your bedside table or under your pillow

2. Cleanse your Crystals from their current intentions and set a new, common intention for them to be compatible

Taking another example from above, Tiger’s Eye (when the intention is set for revitalising energy) and Smokey Quartz (when the intention is set for empathic protection), are conflicting. 
However, when you cleanse them of these intentions and set more compatible intentions for both of these crystals, they become a great combination! You see, Tiger’s Eye is not only used for raising one’s energies, it can also be used for focusing. When you set focus as your intention for your Tiger’s Eye, then this works well with Smokey Quartz, which protects you from external energies, making them a compatible pair! 

Click here to learn how to cleanse your crystals!


  • Setting your intention towards the crystals is an important factor in determining whether your crystals are compatible. 
  • One crystal can have many healing properties, and as such in order for your crystals to complement each other, you need to set similar intentions.  
  • Remember that all crystals can theoretically work together, and utilising conflicting crystals will not bring major disorders in your day-to-day life. 
    • However, if you do feel that your energies are being affected, you may follow our advice from above.

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