About Us

Unique natural crystals for your home, heart and mind. Sourced from all over the world, each crystal manifests the history and properties of its formation. At Glace Crystals, you can find high quality, ethically-sourced crystals and jewellery from various localities that each have their own metaphysical properties for mental and emotional well-being.
Glace Crystals started out as a small Instagram shop based in Sunny Singapore, run by a Crystal Lover couple with their cat. We started this amazing store during the COVID-19 pandemic as a means to bring travel to the home and also to improve the well-being of all during this time. Initially, our crystals were sold only live sales and over time we have expanded our customer base both within Singapore and internationally. We received so much good feedback from our customers about the quality of crystals and the huge variety that we bring. We are committed to providing the best crystal purchase experience for you.
We still hold fortnightly Saturday Live Sales on Instagram. Join us there for some fun!
All our crystals are natural unless otherwise stated.