Mini High Grade Sunstone Sphere

Mini High Grade Sunstone Sphere

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This listing is for 1 intuitively picked Mini Sunstone approx 1.5 to 2cm. 


Abundance, Originality and Prosperity ☀️


☀️ Harnessing the warmth and power of the sun, a star that brings all the life and abundance on Earth. It brings openness, benevolence and warmth.


☀️As a workplace crystal, this stone is said to bring one opportunities for leadership and promotion. It’s also a stone that businesses should have to bring in new ideas and foster originality.


🌞Emotionally, this stone can support in bringing one independence from others or protects one from energies that may be emotionally or financially draining. It’s also said to ease one from phobias that they may have.




Please note that the unique metaphysical properties of each crystal is based on testimonials and metaphysical experts knowledge. It is not a promise that the crystal will cure any ailments or solve problems.


As these are natural stones and crystals, there may be natural pockets or lines in the stone. The color may not be 100% true to the pictures due to the camera but we try our best to reflect the true color.


Size is approximately 9mm