Known as the Stone of Magic, Labradorite holds the mystic power of the night sky. It is a member of the feldspar group found in igneous rocks. With a wide spectrum of colours, this stone is known to bring inner peace to deal with stress and change.

Labradorite is a great stone for change and intuition. Known as a change companion, use Labradorite when you’re entering a new or difficult phase of life.

Labradorite increases spiritual consciousness and is especially popular to use during meditation. It encourages one to discover their passions and brings motivation.

For those who are fearful of the unknown and prefer having a clear vision of the future, Labradorite enhances acceptance of change and uncertainty, bringing courage.

Fun fact! Labradorite was actually thought to have originated as such:  One warrior is said to have tried to free the light with his spear, but the strength of the rocks was such that this beautiful spectrum of light was crystallised inside them forever more✨