Fluorite is a stone that helps with decision-making and increases concentration, making it a great stone for the work or study desk. Fluorite is known to have many benefits which also include relaxation and better overall energy balance. The name "Fluorite" stems from the Latin word flux which refers to the flow and mix of parts to make a better whole. Fluorite is also known to remove electromagnetic stress.

But some people experience a vibration or soothing sensation while holding or even just having a fluorite crystal in their home.

Others have noticed fluorite promotes deep relaxation, better sleep patterns and improved overall energy levels after getting Fluorite in their homes. Fluorite protects and helps with focus and concentration.

Blue Fluorite is for calming, increased creativity and communication 💙
Green Fluorite is for clear thinking 💚
Purple Fluorite is for psychic abilities and protection 💜

Origin: China or Brazil