Fire Opal

Fire Opal is great for independence and confidence. Fire Opal is a red, brown-red to brown-orange, transparent to translucent variety of opal.

Fire Opal in Rhyolite matrix. Mexican Fire Opals are mined about 130 miles Northwest of Mexico City. Opal was known to the Aztecs by the name Vitzitziltecpa, which means hummingbird stone, due to its similarity to the bright iridescent colours of the bird’s plumage.

Origin: Mexico

Jalisco fire opal captures the glow of volcanic lava streams within which it formed. Venerated for its vibrant and passionate orange sparkle this fiery gem is a favorite for collectors. As its name suggested this gem sprang from fire in particular from the ancient volcanoes of the Jalisco region of Mexico.

Origin: Magdalena, Magdalena Municipality, Jalisco, Mexico