Dioptase from Mashamba Mine, Tantara, Congo - Museum Quality specimens 💚 Rich blue-green Turquoise to Emerald Green gemmy crystalline colors - absolutely spectacular in person! 😍

Resonating with the Heart Chakra, these rare sparkly Dioptase from Mashamba Mine are extremely high grade and exhibit spectacular prismatic crystal shapes. Ranging from sugary Druzy to classic cubic shapes, these collector pieces are going at amazing prices! ✨

One of the purest stones of the Green Ray, Dioptase ushers in abundance and prosperity. Manifest wealth and prosperity with Dioptase 💰
Use Dioptase for compassion and forgiveness. Replace negative energies with love and compassion. Overcome unstable relationships with this crystal 💚

Hint! Pair Dioptase with Chrysocolla if you’re going through change and transformation in your life.