Best Crystal Gifts for House Warming

Crystals make thoughtful House Warming gifts as they bring nature into the home. Each crystal brings its own properties into the space and help to make the new house a home. Popular crystals for the house include Protective crystals, Cleansing crystals which remove negativity in the space, crystals which are great for harmony or crystals that bring wealth and luck into the home.

Gift functional crystal home decor that not only look beautiful in a space but double up as coasters, candleholders or wine stoppers.


Clear Quartz Cluster

Clear Quartz Raw Cluster from Brazil

Not only do Clear Quartz clusters complement any style of living space - industrial, modern, bohemian or minimalist, they also bring with them a special glow especially when the light hits. Clear Quartz is a great crystal to remove negative energy from the environment and purify the space. Placing a Clear Quartz cluster in the living room or bathroom clears any negative energy. This may be especially useful to enable new homeowners to feel comfortable and welcome to their new space. If the homeowners already owns crystals, Clear Quartz can be used to amplify the energy of those crystals. This makes it a perfect house warming gift to bring purity and lightness of space to the home.

Not only can you gift a Clear Quartz cluster, a few Clear Quartz tumbles or minis are not only more budget friendly, but they can be placed around the house or in a bowl to bring the same cleansing properties to the home. If the homeowner has children, Clear Quartz tumbles or mini clusters may be a suitable gift. By making a grid of Clear Quartz crystals around an item of clothing or school bag of a child, it is known to protect the child from bullying.


Black Tourmaline

Raw Black Tourmaline for Protection from Brazil

By placing Black Tourmaline crystals at the main door, one can keep the house protected. Black Tourmaline is known to be useful for defence and cleansing. Additionally, in today's digitalised world, Black Tourmaline can be useful to shield from radiation and environmental pollutants. For a new house, perhaps the home may initially feel foreign and placing raw Black Tourmaline in those particular areas is a useful means to dispel the negative energy. Generally Black Tourmaline can be placed at the door or window of the main entrance of the house to guard the house and family, making it a great new gift for the home!



Jadeite Obelisks Towers from Brazil

Traditionally, Jade has always been used as a talisman of good luck and wealth. Usher in a new chapter of life with plenty of fortune and wealth by gifting a Jade crystal. Green Jade is also known to protect the owner from illness. Keep Jade in a bowl of water to bring fresh energy into the home. If the homeowner owns plants, Jade is a great abundance stone to help these plants flourish and is also known as the gardener's stone.



Fuchsite with Kyanite Raw

This is a perfect stone to wish harmony and happiness to the new homeowners. Fuchsite reminds one of his/her inner child, and is a great relaxation stone after a day's work. It brings joy to one's life and is also known as the fairy crystal as it has many specks of sparkly mica that appears like fairy dust on any surface it is placed on. Additionally, Fuchsite is also known to help with ensuring a smooth schedule of a busy family with many commitments of work, childcare, visiting elderly or fitness activities. For homeowners with children, Fuchsite can not only bring harmony to the family but is also known to help quiet children open up. 


Amethyst and Quartz Wine Stoppers

Clear Quartz and Amethyst Wine Stoppers

What better way to celebrate a new home than with a bottle of wine accompanied by a unique Wine Stopper topped with raw Amethyst or Clear Quartz? Functional and yet holding within it numerous metaphysical properties, these wine stoppers are the perfect house warming gift. They bring a touch of elegance to the home while ensuring that wine stays fresh. 

Raw Amethyst and Clear Quartz are known to purify food or water as well.


Lapis Lazuli


Lapis Lazuli with Pyrite Spheres


Lapis Lazuli is a powerful throat chakra crystal, known to facilitate open and honest communication. It sets the space for deep heart-to-heart talks and calm exchanges amongst family members. By gifting this crystal to new homeowners, it signifies the importance of an open and honest space for all family members. What is more fascinating about this stone is the amazing Royal Blue colors which bring so much regality to the home.


Amethyst Cutbase

Amethyst Rainbow Black Druzy Cutbase

Amethyst is one of the most calming and stress relieving stones, also known to reduce anger. It can hence bring peace and harmony to the new home. An Amethyst cutbase can be added to a new bedroom to ease the new homeowners to better sleep. As new homeowners may feel uneasy in the first few nights in their home, Amethyst cutbases are a great gift as they are known to provide a more soothing atmosphere for sleep and reduce nightmares. 


Natural Agate Coaster

Druzy Agate Coasters
Druzy Agate Coaster from Brazil

Adding a beautiful translucent Agate coaster to the middle of a coffee or dining table keeps the house looking chic. Each Agate coaster is unique, with its own banding and druzies. Agate is a balancing stone and provides a sense of security and safety. It also keeps one grounded and focused in the present moment. These Agate coasters can also be used as slabs, which are especially beautiful with the light shining through, or as bases for jewellery and other crystals.

Since Agate has a high Mohs hardness scale and is not water soluble, they are suitable to be used as plates or coasters.


Amethyst or Sandstone Candleholder

Utah Sandstone Candleholder
Amethyst with Calcite Candleholder

Sandstone has immense social benefits, such as creativity and strengthening relationships between people. Having a candle lit in a Sandstone candleholder helps to draw people in a space together for a good conversation. Sandstone Candleholders bring a rustic feel to the home and remind one of a trip to the Grand Canyon. What's even more spectacular about this stone is the amazing texture of it - due to its composition of grainy sand held together by Quartz, Calcite and Feldspar, it has an interesting 'sandy' feel to it and it is not polished flat, hence it has a special depth to it, just like the sandy dunes of a desert. Definitely a special candleholder to be placed in a space with plenty of social interaction, such as a living or dining room.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. Is it OK to gift someone crystals? Is there any negative meaning behind it?

Crystals are a perfect gift for anyone and one has no reason to stay away from it. They can make powerful gifts because they reflect the intimate knowledge you have of a friend’s life and your understanding of their innermost needs and desires.

2. Should we cleanse the crystals before giving them?

Once you choose which crystal to give, it is important to cleanse it and set intentions for it. If you are not sure on how to cleanse your crystals, you can refer to our blogpost here!

3. What does it mean when someone gifts you a crystal?

Different crystals carry different properties. You can look into the crystal you have been given and find out more about it! 

4. How to know which crystals are the best to gift someone?

You should choose the crystal which will benefit your loved one the most.