About Us


Unique natural crystals for your home, heart and mind. Sourced from all over the world, each crystal manifests the history and properties of its formation. At Glace Crystals, you can find high quality, ethically-sourced crystals and jewellery from various localities that each have their own metaphysical properties for mental and emotional well-being.


Crystals are for the digital age. They bring us back to our roots and to nature. Slow down and enjoy what Mother Earth has to offer. Get in touch with your inner self and grow yourself because you're capable of more than you imagine.


Glace Crystals started out as an online store in 2020. Since then, we have grown our team and we had for 1.5 years a physical store in the Central Business District of Singapore. We are currently only selling online and we offer the widest variety of high-quality, modern crystals for your space.


We received so much good feedback from our customers about the quality of crystals and the huge variety that we bring. We are committed to providing the best crystal purchase experience for you.


You may also find us on Instagram and Shopee. Join us there for some fun!


All our crystals are natural unless otherwise stated.