Gold Sheen Obsidian Bead Bracelet
Gold Sheen Obsidian Bead Bracelet
Gold Sheen Obsidian Bead Bracelet

Gold Sheen Obsidian Bead Bracelet

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High Quality Gold Sheen Obsidian Bead Bracelet, Bead size 8.5mm

Obsidian is born when molten lava oozes from the core to the surface of the Earth and solidifies into a beautiful glass. The beautiful gold sheen is a result of gas getting trapped in the glass as it rapidly solidifies. 

Gold Sheen Obsidian is not only a protective stone like all Obsidians, it helps us dive deep to understand the root of our fears. It helps one to think calmly and objectively.

Use Gold Sheen Obsidian spheres as magic mirrors.
These are known to be the ultimate Crystal Balls 🔮 Shine a light on them as you look into the sphere, close your eyes and think about your question. Open your eyes and in the obsidian or in your mind you will see your teacher guide or words/images with information

For customers in Singapore: You can choose to buy on Shopee here

Wrist Size

Bracelet fits 17cm wrist size. If you would like this bracelet to be re-done to your wrist size, please select the correct variation. Please indicate your wrist size in the comments at checkout! 

Do state your exact wrist size - MAX 19cm and whether you prefer tight or loose fit in the comments. We will try our best to restring as accurately as possible

Larger wrist sizes above 18cm are chargeable additionally to restring fee depending on the size as more beads are required  

Restring will take up to 5 working days 

Please measure your wrist size properly, we don’t allow any exchanges of the bracelets.


Please note that the unique metaphysical properties of each crystal is based on testimonials and metaphysical experts knowledge. It is not a promise that the crystal will cure any ailments or solve problems.

As these are natural stones and crystals, there may be natural pockets or lines in the stone. The color may not be 100% true to the pictures due to the camera but we try our best to reflect the true color.