Monthly Glace Crystals Subscription Box

Monthly Glace Crystals Subscription Box

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Crystals give joy, provide protection, a sense of calm and of course, surprise you with the occasional sparkle when it reflects off the sunlight. How would you like to be surprised every month with a box of quality crystals handpicked from us?

We will have 2 types of boxes, the first being $20 (you will receive at least $30 worth of crystals a month) and $40 (you will receive at least $80 worth of crystals a month), both with free shipping included! Subscription periods will be for 6 month intervals.

There will be different monthly themes, such as Wealth, Communication, Love etc. and mystery crystals will be chosen for you. 

We look forward to packing your mystery crystals for you! 



Example of $20 box: 1 Heart + 1 Tumble/ 1 Palm + 1 Raw specimen / 1 Tower 

Example of $40 box: 2 Towers + 1 Tumble / 2 Hearts + 2 tumbles / 2 Palms + 2 Raw specimens / 1 Heart + 1 Palm + 1 Raw specimen

Note that the above are just examples, and actual box depends on the size of the crystal and rarity. You may always check our listings to check the box value.



Terms and Conditions

Crystals will be sent out within the 1st week of the month and should reach you in the 1st - 2nd week of the month. The subscription will only start the following month of your purchase, cutting off on the 9th ie. if you purchase this on 10th to 31 October, you will only receive your 1st monthly box in November.

Cancellations or refunds in the middle of the subscription are not allowed. If you wish to cancel your subscription, kindly reach out to us via Instagram DM or email us at so that we may stop sending the crystal boxes. However, the balance amount will not be refunded to you. If you change your address, kindly inform us in advance. We will not be liable for crystals sent to the wrong address.

Crystal boxes contain mystery crystals, unfortunately you are unable to choose the crystals beforehand.

Currently this Subscription box is only open to shipping addresses within SG and Malaysia. If you have request to ship to another country, please drop us an Instagram DM or email and we will provide a quotation!

Note: we encourage you to utilise the Hoolah function so that you do not have to pay the entire subscription upfront, but spread over a few months at no interest!