Lavender Fluorite Tower

Lavender Fluorite Tower

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Lavender or Yttrium Fluorite is a rare stone found in Mexico and Brazil. 20% of the calcium in this stone is replaced by one of the rare minerals, the element yttrium. This crystal has gentle vibrations, creating a calm and tranquil environment. 

If you're in a stressful situation, Lavender Fluorite is able to bring some calm to your life.

As with all purple stones, Lavender Fluorite resonates with the Crown Chakra to develop one's psychic abilities and improve one's intuition. Additionally, Lavender Fluorite does carry the properties of regular Fluorite by increasing one's intellectual abilityIt helps to bring the ideas of high minded thinkers, like philosophers, thinkers, artists, dreamers etc, into a physical reality that many other people can then understand.

This is an exceptionally well-polished piece with beautiful wavy lavender and white bands.

Dimensions: 9.6x5.3

Weight: 332g

Origin: Brazil


Please note that the unique metaphysical properties of each crystal are based on testimonials and metaphysical experts knowledge. It is not a promise that the crystal will cure any ailments or solve problems.

As these are natural stones and crystals, there may be natural pockets or lines in the stone. The color may not be 100% true to the pictures due to the camera but we try our best to reflect the true color.