Blue Lace Agate Raw H

Blue Lace Agate Raw H

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Blue Chalcedony with Lace bandings Natural Geodes from Nsanje Region, Malawi ✨ Large Druzy teeth in this geode.

Just look at how sparkly and glittery these beautiful blue pieces are! Due to the presence of Lace Bandings these are also known to be Blue Lace Agates although they are not from the now-closed mine in Namibia. Extremely shiny pieces great for easing overactive minds and helping with meditation 🧘🏻‍♀️

Blue Lace Agate appears blue for the same reason the sky appears blue. Its color is a result of 'Rayleigh scattering'. Hence it will not fade over time 💙

A soothing stone which resonates with the throat chakra, this helps with communication and emotional grounding ✨

Dimensions: 10x6x3.5cm

Please note that the unique metaphysical properties of each crystal is based on testimonials and metaphysical experts knowledge. It is not a promise that the crystal will cure any ailments or solve problems.

As these are natural stones and crystals, there may be natural pockets or lines in the stone. The color may not be 100% true to the pictures due to the camera but we try our best to reflect the true color.