Lapis Lazuli Simple Sterling Silver Ring
Lapis Lazuli Simple Sterling Silver Ring
Lapis Lazuli Simple Sterling Silver Ring
Lapis Lazuli Simple Sterling Silver Ring

Lapis Lazuli Simple Sterling Silver Ring

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High Quality Lapis Lazuli gemstone set in a simple dainty handcrafted 925 Sterling Silver Band.

The Symbol of the Night Sky. Its deep celestial blue has been prized by men since 4000 B.C. It’s a stone that protects from the evil eye and symbolises wisdom and truth. It’s a powerful crystal for activating the higher mind and enhancing intellect.

Lapis Lazuli opens the Third eye and balances the Throat chakra. It is known to enhance dream work and psychic abilities. It is a highly calming stone, known to relieve stress and bring peace.

Lapis Lazuli blocks psychic attacks and is a very protective stone as well. It facilitates contact with spirit guides.

A stone of truth and self-expression, Lapis Lazuli not only encourages self-awareness but releases repressed emotions and thoughts to increase open communication. Hence Lapis Lazuli is known to bond relationships in love and friendships.

In historical paintings, a pigment called Ultramarine also known as “The Most Perfect Colour” created the deep blues in many famous paintings, especially Arab paintings. This pigment is made from Lapis Lazuli stone. Here are a couple of famous paintings painted using Ultramarine. “The Girl with the Pearl Earring” by Johannes Vermeer and “View of the Port of Livorno” by Cristoffano Gaffuri

Wearing a piece of gemstone jewellery helps to keep the crystal in your auric field, resulting in more effective energy work.

This design focuses on the gemstone and is very minimalist and easy to pair with any outfit.

Our stones are of the best quality and our jewellery are set by hand by female silversmiths in India.

Customisations of the ring material to 18k Gold Filled or different gemstones or designs are available, do contact us for enquires at

As each piece of gemstone is unique, the character of the stones may vary. However, we take care to ensure the highest quality gemstones are always used.


As each ring is made to size, we may not have your exact size instock. Preorders are indicated beside the size option. A preorder will take 3-4 weeks and we will mail out your order ASAP once it reaches us!

Jewellery Care

925 Sterling Silver can tarnish over repeated contact with strong chemicals in moisturisers, soap and sunscreen. Hence remember to remove your Sterling Silver jewellery when showering, swimming, putting on makeup and moisturiser. 

If your silver jewellery tarnishes, use a silver polishing cloth to clean it.

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