Best Valentines Day Crystals for New Love and Relationships

Crystals are helpful for love by opening our personal energy fields to attract love in, or to improve a relationship and strengthen the bond between partners. If you're looking for love, or looking for a crystal to improve your romantic relationship, here are 5 Best Valentines Day Crystals to keep with you or to give as a gift to your partner.
Rose Quartz
 Rose Quartz Heart from Madagascar
This is the crystal for universal love. Ranging from clear pale to pink to lavender, this beautiful translucent crystal has been a love token since 600 BC. Rose Quartz restores trust and harmony in a relationship. Its soft pink hues are excellent for new love, to strengthen a relationship by restoring breakdowns in trust. Additionally, it allows for self-love and opens the heart to love from others.
It is said that Adonis, lover of the Greek goddess Aphrodite was attacked by Ares, god of war. Aphrodite rushed to save him and caught herself on a briar bush, staining a white quartz pink with their mingled blood. Place this crystal on a love altar with roses to call love or strengthen a relationship.
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 Genuine Carnelian Freeforms
Carnelian rekindles passion in a relationship and is also known to alleviate jealousy or possessiveness. You can place this stone beneath the four corners of the mattress in a bedroom to stimulate sexuality. Carnelian is a stone for fertility and for the consummation of love.
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Emerald in Shale Matrix Towers from Brazil
Emerald is a stone to revive passion, be it for a person, job or interest. It is said that wearing or carrying an emerald near your heart will help to attract love. Deep green crystals, including emerald represent fidelity and increases trustworthiness in love.
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Amethyst Double Terminated Points
The stone of St Valentine and of faithful lovers, amethyst is a great stone to overcome challenges in a relationship. St Valentine is believed to have worn an amethyst ring engraved with an image of Cupid. Amethyst is a popular stone to be worn for fidelity, commonly set in an engagement ring. This stone helps with removing obsessions or addictions in an individual which could be key to improving a relationship. To calm down after a quarrel, hold an Amethyst in your hand.
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Ruby in Kyanite Heart
Ruby is associated with faithful, passionate commitment. Its strong deep red brings out love in times of good and bad. Tumble stones of ruby worn by each person helps to maintain loving links between each other. Ruby is often found in other minerals, and the different combinations provide various benefits.
Ruby in Fuchsite combines the benefits of love from Ruby with the nature spirits of Fuchsite. Ruby in Fuchsite is important if you are going to live in your partner's home country or adopt your partner's religion. Have a Ruby in Kyanite sphere in your home to resolve issues of commitment.
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