Pink Halite

Halite consists of isometric crystals formed after evaporation of briny waters from seas or salt lakes. Hence it can originate from ancient or new localities. It is essentially a rock salt and the ones found in the Himalayan region are commonly used in rock-salt lamps.

Pink Halite is a crystal for surviving setbacks and starting over anew. It heals emotional problems connected with relationships and removes one's connection to bad past ties. Pink Halite resonates with Heart and Sacral Chakra.

Care for Pink Halite:

As Pink Halite is a rock salt, it may absorb moisture from the air and dissolve over time. To prevent this, keep your Pink Halite in a specimen box or dry area with a gel silica pad. Keep your Pink Halite away from direct sunlight as it may cause the air around the Pink Halite to heat up. As this is a brittle crystal, handle it with care.

Origin: Lake Inyo, California, USA