Blue Kyanite can be used to cleanse your crystals as they do not accumulate or store negative energies. Some pieces contain Biotite and are UV reactive.

Create an Empowerment Grid with rows of Kyanite Wands on a table radiating out from a central Kyanite in 6 different directions. This gives you a sense of direction and meaning in life, if you're feeling lost or unmotivated. Every night, touch 1 wand and walk in your mind on a different 'kyanite path'. Take note of images and ideas which flow into your mind as you do this mental walk. Do this for 6 days, after which wait 1 day and then begin again. You may feel yourself slowly getting back on track.

Blue Kyanite is known as the accountant’s crystal as it is known to help reduce mistakes. Keep with you during important book-keeping such as during periods closing.

Using a Kyanite Wand, touch the centre of your brow to access forgotten childhood memories. 

Origin: Zambia or Brazil