Beautiful High Quality Kammereite Hearts and Palm Stones from India. Extremely rare and beautiful, these are powerful Chlorite stones rich in Chromium.

Kammererite has a violet ray protection to your home, mind and being. Its vibration focuses mainly on the mental balance and power. It can bring both sides of the brain into symmetry to promote harmony.

A Master healing crystal for the Crown Chakra, use Kammererite to achieve a higher meditative state and facilitate contact with angelic beings.

Additionally Kammereite is a great stone for detoxification. It clears and cleanses energy blockages and helps in releasing lower vibration emotions such as anger, guilt, fear and shame for example. It removes negative emotions and increases enlightenment.

- A stone of harmony and balance- clears and cleanses all energetic blockages, releasing anger, guilt, fear, and other negative emotions

- Very important for spiritual development- it helps us become more understanding and accepting, allowing us to see things from a higher perspective

- Helps with recovery from pain and exhaustion, especially during transitional phases

- Extremely potent in crystal grids for detoxifying your surroundings