Garnierite, or Green Moonstone, is in fact a rare form of Serpentine with a high Nickel content which creates the green colour. Its chemical composition is still in discussion in the community and it is not certain if its base is mainly Quartz, Peridot or Chrysoprase. Good quality Garnierite have bright green tones, instead of grey/brown tones and may exhibit blue flash when held against the light. As unique stones containing the true essence of life, Garnierites promote prosperity, endurance and optimism. 

When you work with this stone, it aligns your heart chakra and allows one to self-reflect and look within. Garnierite is known to help one overcome traumatic past wounds, heal wounds and have the courage to carry on. Try using this stone with Malachite when you meditate, as both resonate with the heart chakra, it will be useful in healing emotional and traumatic wounds.

Origin: Madagascar