Citrine is known as the Merchant’s Stone. It brings energy, prosperity and success.

Place Heat-Treated Citrine on your Solar Plexus energy centre if you have to speak at a meeting or need to generate ideas. Citrine will be able to bring you creativity and confidence.

For luck, keep near your laptop when installing and learning new software or applying for a loan or credit card.

This stone helps you take a chance and brings happiness.

If you're selling your house, put 7 Citrine pieces in a row on an indoor window ledge before the house viewing.

In order to give you a boost of energy, hold the Citrine close to your mouth and breathe in softly 7 times then blow the breath of Citrine outwards and repeat for 2 minutes. This surrounds your aura with the energy from the Citrine and centres you.

Origin: Brazil, Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia