Black Tourmaline

The most popular stone for protection, Black Tourmaline (Schorl) dispels negativity and keeps a protective barrier around your space. Place a piece at the front door to protect your home and family or a few pieces around your bed for peaceful sleep.

Bring a small Black Tourmaline in your pocket for security and protection when you're outside.

Black Tourmaline is also useful against electromagnetic radiation from electronic devices and hence useful in the home or office.

Since Black Tourmaline absorbs plenty of negative energy, it needs to be cleansed frequently. Cleanse under water quickly (not soak) or in a salt bath or leave it on soil or buried in fresh earth.

When used in a grid, Black Tourmaline can help to focus the energy of the crystal to its desired effect and increase the grid effectiveness.

Raw Black Tourmaline is more effective due to its unaltered state, without any separation between your skin and the stone. However, do note that Raw Black Tourmaline can be quite brittle and hence it is normal for small parts of the stone to come off.

Origin: Brazil or Madagascar